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It is me, on my own Mastodon server. An instance-of-one so to speak. Feel free to follow me (again) since this might be an interesting journey on how to have your instance on the big ol' Fediverse.

Toots are in Dutch and English. Lachen man!

“The one wonderful thing about blogging from your laptop is that you don’t have to deal with other people. You can broadcast alienated, disembodied, disassociated murmurings into a people-free void. You don’t have to run something past an editor, or frame your argument to an established group of subscribers. You just say what the hell you want.”

— Andrew Sullivan in Slate (2002)

It was a simpler time.

yet a non-descript, sentimental reindeer is about to discover the true meaning of loneliness... in the Twilight Zone.

I just noticed an instance that requires a pro-account ($$) to get third party access through other apps, and some more features. And of course support the existence of the instance. Quite an interesting way if you think about it.

What was I thinking, booting up a Digital Ocean droplet to see if I can move my blog from Github pages to a server I can actually SSH into... I've been busy the whole evening with installing, updating, yak shaving ( and reading documentation on ssh keys and such.... argh...

Je kunt de eerste paar posts van mijn oude blog teruglezen. Weinig verheffends en meer archivering dan historische waarde.

Indiewebcamp Berlijn en mijn oude posts terug. • Digging the digital

@KaptainRio I usually wait 24 hours before installation just to be safer that no issues are reported, so all going well tomorrow I will upgrade everyone.

A full day with work and hardly any thoughts and readings around fun stuff like the Indieweb and decentralization. Anything I missed and should read? Hit me up people!

Today's lesson: Medium is bad. They've suspended our account and blocked access to all our published stories for bogus reasons and with only 12 hours notice.

So Fediverse... Any interesting people or bots I should follow? Interests: indieweb, digital privacy, streetart and loud music. In no particular order.

I added Pixelfed to Producthunt
It already has 42 upvotes. But If we give it a push as Mastodon users, it can become nr 1 of the day easily.
cc/ @dansup

Had a full day of redecorating our daughter's room. The biggest challenge was she wanted wallpaper on one side of the room. A job we never ever did before in our lives. But we managed, with some help from a friend and gut feeling how it could work. Her room is not done yet but we're getting there. Now we chill some bodies, watch some TV, code some internet and drink some beer.

When you wake up this morning from unsettling dreams, you find yourself changed in your bed into a monstrous vermin.

You are Jeff Bezos.

Now... let's spend your $ in this amazing text-only adventure game.

We made contact! The first federated communication between pixelfed instances was made today.

We will be making an announcement tomorrow!

Als je de p-author link in h-entry zet dan is het al gefixt meen ik? Hoor mij even heel casual microformats praten...

@ton Heb jij een nieuwe webmention ontvangen? Ik zie in de logs namelijk wel dat er iets verstuurd wordt maar niet waarheen...

Trying the new iOS app Mast as Mastodon client. Not free (€4,49) but the design is beautiful. Now let’s see how the UI behaves.

I finally have webmentions working on my site. The sending-part that is. It took me a long while to grasp the concept and longer then I wanted finding the right solution. Let's hope all these parts play nice together now. You can read some Dutch notes on my blog:

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Behold! The Frankstodon Instance has arisen!

This is an instance-of-1 for Frank. Let's see how this works...