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In mei vindt de eerste IndieWebCamp in Nederland plaats en wel in Utrecht. Maar wat ís een IndieWebCamp? Ik heb wat zaken op een rij gezet:

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It is me, on my own Mastodon server. An instance-of-one so to speak. Feel free to follow me (again) since this might be an interesting journey on how to have your instance on the big ol' Fediverse.

Toots are in Dutch and English. Lachen man!

Living in Utrecht, we are watching non-stop TV and tweets (sorry Mastodonians...). In contact with our daughter who is in lockdown at school about 200 meters from where the shooting happened.

Found one of my oldest Youtube videos, june 2005. What was actually a pretty boring evening with beer and mini gokart racing turned out to become a speedy Drum and Bass video ;-)

Into #journalism and #media? I've set up some bots for you! Follow:
@poynterbot for The Poynter Institute.
@pewbot for Pew Research on the Internet & Tech.
@pewjourbot for Pew Research on Journalism.
@kfbot for the Knight Foundation.
@otmbot for On the Media.
@reliablesourcesbot for Reliable Sources.
@niemanbot for the Nieman Lab. for the Freedom of the Press Foundation.
@spjbot for the Society for Professional Journalists.
@ddjbot for
Pass it on!

What would be a good POSSE solution to post a photo from my phone on my blog and distribute it to both @pixelfed and Instagram? I think the Instagram solution would have to go through something like Buffer? Is there a direct WordPress to Pixelfed solution already? Not too much coding and digging the dirt?

Podcasts op dubbele snelheid luisteren. Het is even wennen, maar best goed te doen!

Happy Birthday Web! Let’s fix you.
30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web | Web at 30: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Invention of the Web

Mijn blog is omgezet van Jekyll naar WordPress. Nog her en der wat gladstrijk-taakjes, maar ik ben blij hoe het allemaal loopt nu.

Prismo is an open federated alternative to sites like Reddit or Hacker News.

It's still under development, but the first instance is online here:

It's been in closed beta for a while, but Prismo now has open sign-ups for the first time.

You can sign up at:

#Prismo #Reddit #HackerNews #Fediverse #ActivityPub

Pretty pleased I managed to have this entire conversation with @lsanger on Twitter using only my own website and tools! Never had to visit Twitter or use any Twitter apps! Our #indieweb tools have come a long way! #ownyourdata

I’m still working in the switch from Jekyll back to WordPress. Image management, redirects and indieweb plugins are quite the headache....

In mei vindt de eerste IndieWebCamp in Nederland plaats en wel in Utrecht. Maar wat ís een IndieWebCamp? Ik heb wat zaken op een rij gezet:

The kid is playing oldskool Kirby Adventures like a boss. Thanks to Open EMU software and some "accidentally" found ROM's...

Vandaag was ik in het Van Gogh museum. Een best overweldigende ervaring waar ik over moest schrijven.

Vorige week had ik een prettig gesprek met Erno Hannink over mijn 2 decennia online bij internetprovider, online bureau, corporates en startup. Als ZZP-er, blogger, content marketeer en alle andere leuke dingen die ik deed.

Ik sta op dit moment voor een nieuw kruispunt. In de podcast met Erno vertel ik hier uitgebreid over. Over mijn LOI cursus, inbelscripts, de eerste blogs en Bruce Springsteen.

De eerste Nederlandse #indiewebcamp in Utrecht komt er aan. @frank en ik zetten in op 18 en 19 mei. We zoeken nog een locatie, en zodra we die hebben volgt de aankondiging en uitnodiging.

Het is goed te merken dat ik minder hardloop deze laatste maanden. Mijn tempo gaat achteruit evenals miin uithoudingsvermogen. Het is tijd om weer wat vaker in de week te gaan lopen. Hey ho let's go!

It's public now! Spritely (and myself) have been awarded a Samsung Stack Zero grant! I'm funded for the next two years to bring ActivityPub and the fediverse to the next level. Secure interactions, object capabilities, p2p content delivery, all that stuff!

If you enjoy using and would like to support the site, please consider buying "The Switching Social Handbook":

It's short, but it's designed mainly to complement the website rather than duplicate it. It discusses the challenges to privacy and looks at the alternatives on offer.

It's a DRM-free ePub file, which should work on most major eBook readers.

(Let me know about any problems or feedback!)

#SwitchingSocial #Books #eBooks #NonFiction #DRMFree

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