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In mei vindt de eerste IndieWebCamp in Nederland plaats en wel in Utrecht. Maar wat ís een IndieWebCamp? Ik heb wat zaken op een rij gezet:

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It is me, on my own Mastodon server. An instance-of-one so to speak. Feel free to follow me (again) since this might be an interesting journey on how to have your instance on the big ol' Fediverse.

Toots are in Dutch and English. Lachen man!

Hey Instagram users, did you know you can export your account?

Pixelfed will be rolling out experimental Instagram Import soon!

Argh. Ik zie nu dat mijn WordPress theme bij bepaalde post types (Post Kind Notes voor de liefhebbers) de HTML uit de note sloopt op de voorpagina. Dus links worden niet getoond. Hoe moet ik dát nu weer fixen?

Inaugural Post for Lemmy, a decentralized, easily self-hostable #reddit / link aggregator alternative, intended to work in the #fediverse:


Welcome to INDIEWEB.SOCIAL - a home for those who build, study, promote - or are just fascinated by - #openweb, #indieweb, #federated & #humanetech practices & tech.

Special thanks to @jeannie who is a co-admin here, & who graciously donated the domain name to this effort. Key links:

Our code of conduct & terms of use:

Our mission & some key voices we recommend everyone follow:

Thanks all, & help us get out the word of this new community!

Does anybody here know what the largest PeerTube instance is? Largest as in most video's, users and used bandwidth?

Work and life interrupts my blogging. It happens.

┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Join #IndieWebCamp Amsterdam on 28/29 Sept! Take the web into your own hands, your identity, your creations and content, your interaction. #indieweb #webdev more info register at

Vreemd. Iemand op de wereld gebruikt een mailadres op mijn domein bij een Microsoftdienst. Maar ik kan het wachtwoord en het account op geen manier overnemen...

I'm giving a talk about DIY social network sites at "The Conference" in Malmö today and it will be live streamed! The session begins at 1pm Malmö, noon London, 7am NYC -- I will be the third speaker so closer to the half hour mark.

A number of people have asked how to make Wordpress blogs federate with the Fediverse (including Mastodon and Pixelfed).

You can do this by adding the ActivityPub for Wordpress plugin from here:

When the plugin is installed, it allows anyone on the Fediverse to follow your Wordpress blog.

It's still in beta, the plugin's developer is @pfefferle

#ActivityPub #Fediverse #WordPress #Mastodon #Pixelfed

📚List of books I read this holiday:
Paradijs bij het dashboardlicht 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️
American Gods 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
It doesn't have to be crazy at work 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️
Slaughterhouse-Five 🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️

📖 Currently reading:
Brat Pack America, a love letter to 80s teen movies.

You really should always read the Terms of Service agreements closely.
“We have updated our privacy policy.” #privacy

Maybe I should've posted this on and let it federate? Or POSSE from my own site? Oh the choices!

Chilling in Caen near the merry-go-round. Son is having fun on it, daughter and wife are shopping for shopping-things. I'm just happy to be in a vibrant town again. It occurred to me our family feels more and more at home in a town instead of small villages. This will definitely impact future holiday plans!

Oh yeah... I just figured out my Pixelfed account is federated. So you can follow my photofeed (although inactive at most) here as well. It is on @frank. I might even post some more pics here to show here. Just because hey internet rules!

Another nice run this morning. From our campsite to Utah Beach, one of the landingsites during D-Day. This area is filled with remnants and memories of this amazing military operation, 75 years ago. From tombstones to abandoned bunkers and commemorative plaques along the road.

We had a nice daytrip to Mont St Michel yesterday. Tons of tourists and very crowded but we managed to find a secluded place for drinks amongst the crowds. Beautiful place, worth visiting.

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