Every now and again I have this problem on my Mastohost hosted instance. Nothing loads and UI get the same error message for a while. Does anyone know what is up here? What helps is going to settings and back and everything works. That kinda feels like a Windows 95 solution... /cc @mastohost

@frank That's really strange and it shouldn't be happening.

I restarted the services for your instance just in case something got stuck.

Let me know if it happens again.

BTW: what browser + OS are you using?

@mastohost Thanks, I'll keep you updated. I'm on OSX 10.13/Firefox 62

@mastohost Just a heads up this happened again just now (22:30).

@frank Thanks, the only error I see in your logs is "method=POST path=/inbox format=html controller=ActivityPub::InboxesController action=create status=500 error='TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String'"
I have no idea if it is related or not.
I also found this that it could be somehow related.

@mastohost I always go through a bookmark which points to I am constantly logged in. Maybe that can be of help.

@frank no, that URL looks fine to me. It's the end URL when you are logged in.

@frank The strange thing is that you are the only one reporting this out of hundreds of instances thousands of users I host and that share exactly the same setup. So, my first suspicion is your setup.
Do you think it's possible that you lose internet connection and then reconnect, when that happens?
Is there any why you could try accessing with another browser for a couple of days to see if it happens.

@mastohost Yeah sure, I will check it with Chrome for a few days, see what happens. Maybe it's a browser extension that's bugging? I just turned off Privacy Badger for this site, just in case.

@frank yep, extensions was something else that also crossed my mind. Do let me know if you find anything

@mastohost @frank I see something similar from time to time in old browser tabs (refresh works to clear it), even on instances. I feel like its just a client-side "wakeup" bug and have meant to capture details in the JS console, but keep forgetting to before refreshing.

@max thanks for letting us know. If you manage to catch the JS console, please share it. Are you using Firefox too?


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