@Bianca Ik moet toch ook eens vaker hier zijn. Het komt en gaat....

Oh the joy of trying to read something on Medium on your mobile phone….

I love browsing through stuff on the Internet Archive. Like old promotional video’s for the Atari Computer Camps. It’s got Stranger Things/Goonies/Stand by Me áll over it! diggingthedigital.com/atari-co

Am I correct and does the Discover section on the micro.blog iOS app only search in usernames, not posts?

@neil I read your blogpost, great write-up and a clear explanation. Unfortunately I have no success up until now. Next step: Define the correct question I need to ask the webhost (Siteground) to see what is going on. Just asking "Webfinger is not working for my Activitypub plugin to work and be found on the fediverse" might raise some eyebrows...

@neil A quick update on the Activitypub test. I just started a fresh WordPress install on Digital Ocean, added the AP plugin and it was immediately available on Mastodon. So I think it has something to do with my provider (Siteground) which I will have to look into.

“het punt wat ik wil maken is dat door een aantal open bouwstenen van het indieweb, mijn site met die van Ton kan communiceren. Zonder tussenkomst van een derde partij die die reactie of like opslaat, monetariseert (is dat een woord?) of als data-punt opslaat voor een algoritme. “

Het kwartje valt met de Indieweb lees/schrijf bouwstenen - Digging the Digital

Managed hosting is when you own and run a site, but the hosting company does the behind-the-scenes tech stuff like installation and updates.

There's a new indie company called Spacebear offering #PixelFed and #PeerTube managed hosting:


You can follow them at @tklk

There's also a well-established company called Masto.host offering #Mastodon managed hosting:


You can follow them at @mastohost

(Thank you to @Hau for the tip about Spacebear )

Game of Thrones S08E03 mild spoiler 

2+ million IoT devices vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, allowing attackers to steal passwords:


– the website contains a list, so you can check if your devices are vulnerable
– CVE-2019-11219, CVE-2019-11220
– mitigation: dispose your vulnerable devices, or block OUTBOUND traffic to 32100/udp

#iot #vulnerability #cve201911219 cve201911220 #infosec #mitm #cybersecurity #security

Now why didn't I make a blogpost of the previous toot? Hold my evening-tea, BRB.

I decided to find out why Emacs is such a big thing with programmers, developers, writers etc. I found out it ships with OSX. Which is nice. Then I tried the tutorial. With all the keyboard combos. Is it correct Emacs has quite the learning curve? I'm not afraid of keyboard-work but I quit the tutorial at 40% or so because boooo-ring.....too much at once perhaps? Any other pointers to "get started with emacs"? I am willing to learn and change my point of view. For now I stick with VSCode.

@mdbraber nee maar hóe scary was die opdracht! Ik bedacht me nog, er is dus iemand van de productie geweest die de kokers en camera's vooraf heeft geplaatst. Dat lijkt me ook geen prettig baantje...

My 12 year old daughter has a favorite song right now: Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. From 1979.

It’s as if it were 1985 and I would sing along on a daily basis with The Andrew Sister’s “Rum and Coca-Cola” from 1945....

But I love it.

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