My 12 year old daughter has a favorite song right now: Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. From 1979.

It’s as if it were 1985 and I would sing along on a daily basis with The Andrew Sister’s “Rum and Coca-Cola” from 1945....

But I love it.

A lazy day off with the family. After the funeral of my mother-in-law yesterday and all the arrangements that come with it we had to make last week, we really needed some downtime.

No walk in the woods, no beach, no sun in the park. Just the four of us at home, chilling in a hammock, finishing a jigsaw puzzle, reading and just be together. We really needed it. And it feels good.

reading this article on how metastasizing corporate social media suffocated community on the internet (in particular art communities like deviantart) makes me think that—like learning html and css—learning how to set up and administer and customize your own installation of forum/community software should be considered a basic part of internet literacy

@defries OK, makes sense. I'd prefer a theme where the sidebar is optional so you can turn it on and off when necessary. But I see your point.

@defries Why is that? What's the connection between use of the editor and a sidebarred theme?

I woke up in the middle of the night with a racing heartbeat. I needed an hour or so to get calm again. No idea what happened or why but it sure scared me.

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Yesterday I rediscovered an old gem from my arcade past. Amidar, an arcade game published in 1981. You play as an ape or as a paint roller (yeah I know) Its basic format is similar to that of Pac-Man. Clear the board by collecting all the coconuts, or painting all surrounding edges. Such simple gameplay yet so much fun. Even 38 years later. To play Amidar on OpenEMU, you can find some ROM images of the game in various online places...

Living in Utrecht, we are watching non-stop TV and tweets (sorry Mastodonians...). In contact with our daughter who is in lockdown at school about 200 meters from where the shooting happened.

Found one of my oldest Youtube videos, june 2005. What was actually a pretty boring evening with beer and mini gokart racing turned out to become a speedy Drum and Bass video ;-)

Into #journalism and #media? I've set up some bots for you! Follow:
@poynterbot for The Poynter Institute.
@pewbot for Pew Research on the Internet & Tech.
@pewjourbot for Pew Research on Journalism.
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@Lydiavdbrink Ja die gebruik ik ook. Als ik vervolgens handmatig de snelheid nog wat opkrik, langzaam maar zeker went mijn brein aan dat nieuwe tempo.

What would be a good POSSE solution to post a photo from my phone on my blog and distribute it to both @pixelfed and Instagram? I think the Instagram solution would have to go through something like Buffer? Is there a direct WordPress to Pixelfed solution already? Not too much coding and digging the dirt?

Podcasts op dubbele snelheid luisteren. Het is even wennen, maar best goed te doen!

Happy Birthday Web! Let’s fix you.
30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web | Web at 30: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Invention of the Web

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