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We made contact! The first federated communication between pixelfed instances was made today.

We will be making an announcement tomorrow!

Als je de p-author link in h-entry zet dan is het al gefixt meen ik? Hoor mij even heel casual microformats praten...

@ton Heb jij een nieuwe webmention ontvangen? Ik zie in de logs namelijk wel dat er iets verstuurd wordt maar niet waarheen...

Trying the new iOS app Mast as Mastodon client. Not free (€4,49) but the design is beautiful. Now let’s see how the UI behaves.

I finally have webmentions working on my site. The sending-part that is. It took me a long while to grasp the concept and longer then I wanted finding the right solution. Let's hope all these parts play nice together now. You can read some Dutch notes on my blog:

Oh well... I started good with manually testing webmentions bit unfortunately I got stuck in older scripts, dependency-clashes and other stuff. Some testnotes on

Pretty cool I have Microformats rendered properly (for 99%...) on my site now. Yay IndieWebCamp!

Meer aantekeningen vanaf de IndieWebCamp Nurnberg, over mijn discussiesessie rondom "Indiestrategy"

Allow me to introduce Lena Crowley, a misguided parakeet. She is about to wake up all alone at the local library covered in beef stroganoff... in the Twilight Zone.

500 karakters is zelfs niet genoeg om uit te leggen wat een toestanden we meemaken met school en BSO rondom onze zoon van 6 die soms wat andere aandacht nodig heeft.

Het is vermoeiend.

Iedereen moet maar in een hokje passen en zo niet, dan ga je maar ergens anders heen. Dan hebben we geen plek voor je of schakelen we een bataljon zorgverleners in om je alsnog in het hokje te persen.

Tomorrow we leave for IndieWebcamp in Nuremberg Germany. Any fediversians I can meet there?

Dutch Blogpost: How I am now officially part of Team Human, due to a laminated membership card. And you can do too!

‘Surveillance capitalism has led us into a dystopia’

The BBC will be releasing this short BBC Ideas piece tomorrow morning but you get a sneak peek because you’re on the fediverse ;)

PS. Note to self: learn to stare less intensely at the camera and blink more.

Well I guess you didn't see thát one coming now did ya? Did ya? <Cynical-emoji-code>

"Facebook just admitted that [their domestic spygadget] Portal is completely capable of collecting data about you and using that data to target ads. But don’t worry, Facebook probably won’t do this right away."

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Behold! The Frankstodon Instance has arisen!

This is an instance-of-1 for Frank. Let's see how this works...