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Oh this is so much fun. Following Pixelfed photographers on Mastodon (or any other Activitypub-supported service) and have the possibility to like and reply. Great to see federation work like this!

You are free to Mastofollow me as well on my Pixelfed account

Also, if you don't do this already, go see what @pixelfed is up to.

My 12 year old daughter started Super Mario Odyssee tonight. She found the camera function and now every other turn on any mountain is made into an Instagrammable screenshot. I love the way she makes this game her own.

I might be a year late to the party but the Nintendo Switch we got our son (and ourselves) this Christmas is one fine gaming machine. I just love the more friendly Nintendo style. Games included Super Mario Odyssee and Super Smash Bros. Great fun these days!

Jeff Jarvis explains what happens when journalists with inadequate tech knowledge criticize Facebook. Great piece.

Finally launched the new site for Olisto on I learned a lot about WordPress, SCSS, Jquery and PHP in the last couple of weeks. This will definitely help me with next steps for my own site!

De afgelopen tijd heb ik me verdiept en actief gewerkt met (voor mij nieuwe) webconcepten als SASS en CSS Grid. Wat een waanzinnig mooie mogelijkheden en wat een uitdagingen op designvlak. 2019 wordt het jaar om los te breken van de blok-gebaseerde WordPress themes. Tijd voor meer diversiteit in webdesign!

Nieuwsbrieftip: Dense Discovery (

Elke editie zit vol met links die het waard zijn om door te klikken!

“The one wonderful thing about blogging from your laptop is that you don’t have to deal with other people. You can broadcast alienated, disembodied, disassociated murmurings into a people-free void. You don’t have to run something past an editor, or frame your argument to an established group of subscribers. You just say what the hell you want.”

— Andrew Sullivan in Slate (2002)

It was a simpler time.

yet a non-descript, sentimental reindeer is about to discover the true meaning of loneliness... in the Twilight Zone.

I just noticed an instance that requires a pro-account ($$) to get third party access through other apps, and some more features. And of course support the existence of the instance. Quite an interesting way if you think about it.

What was I thinking, booting up a Digital Ocean droplet to see if I can move my blog from Github pages to a server I can actually SSH into... I've been busy the whole evening with installing, updating, yak shaving ( and reading documentation on ssh keys and such.... argh...

Je kunt de eerste paar posts van mijn oude blog teruglezen. Weinig verheffends en meer archivering dan historische waarde.

Indiewebcamp Berlijn en mijn oude posts terug. • Digging the digital

@KaptainRio I usually wait 24 hours before installation just to be safer that no issues are reported, so all going well tomorrow I will upgrade everyone.

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