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Current setup for feeding the bio-hardware on our holiday. Minimal yet good.

Three people worth following and interacting with on any Mastodon instance are...

Thanks for helping me grow my world here.

Good deed for the weekend:

Just released mastotool v0.1, a (growing) collection of tools to access the Mastodon API from the terminal.

Generates lovely statistics for your account and lets you search your toots for keywords, so far.

Get it here:

(On Arch you can simply install package 'mastotool')

Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2019! September 7th & 8th in Prague, immediately following Rebooting Web of Trust.

Space is limited, see post for details. We are also soliciting talks.

Hope to see you there!

A statement on today's social media summit, and how my code is being used to spread white supremacy.

Hi everyone who remembered they have a Mastodon account now that Twitter is down.

I'm slowly migrating some content from Medium to my blog:


I really hope that doesn't kill my Google ranking because Google thinks I stole that content. But I unlisted the articles on Medium, so hopefully that helps.

Extragratis abonneren op mijn nieuwe nieuwsbrief? Dat kan nu via . Elke woensdag nieuws en tips over het open en decentrale indieweb!

Het kost een jaar van je leven maar dan heb je ook wat. Versie 4.6 van mezelf is live gegaan! De releasenotes vind je op

Oh the joy of trying to read something on Medium on your mobile phone….

I love browsing through stuff on the Internet Archive. Like old promotional video’s for the Atari Computer Camps. It’s got Stranger Things/Goonies/Stand by Me áll over it!

Am I correct and does the Discover section on the iOS app only search in usernames, not posts?

@neil A quick update on the Activitypub test. I just started a fresh WordPress install on Digital Ocean, added the AP plugin and it was immediately available on Mastodon. So I think it has something to do with my provider (Siteground) which I will have to look into.

“het punt wat ik wil maken is dat door een aantal open bouwstenen van het indieweb, mijn site met die van Ton kan communiceren. Zonder tussenkomst van een derde partij die die reactie of like opslaat, monetariseert (is dat een woord?) of als data-punt opslaat voor een algoritme. “

Het kwartje valt met de Indieweb lees/schrijf bouwstenen - Digging the Digital

Game of Thrones S08E03 mild spoiler 

2+ million IoT devices vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, allowing attackers to steal passwords:

– the website contains a list, so you can check if your devices are vulnerable
– CVE-2019-11219, CVE-2019-11220
– mitigation: dispose your vulnerable devices, or block OUTBOUND traffic to 32100/udp

#iot #vulnerability #cve201911219 cve201911220 #infosec #mitm #cybersecurity #security

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