What would be a good POSSE solution to post a photo from my phone on my blog and distribute it to both @pixelfed and Instagram? I think the Instagram solution would have to go through something like Buffer? Is there a direct WordPress to Pixelfed solution already? Not too much coding and digging the dirt?

@frank Not sure about Instagram, but last I checked, the @pixelfed API did not yet support uploading media through a third-party client/website. (As for posting to Mastodon and Twitter, I coded my own, fairly simple WordPress plugin. It supports images, too, and I will eventually add Pixelfed as well.)

@frank Just now coincidentally read you can't post to Instagram. Never have and likely never will. Flickr's API's supposed to support photo uploads, though. (Bridgy Publish may, by the way, also choose to support @pixelfed once their API's ready.)

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